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005 [Audio/Action]

Yo. Everyone.

[It was midday that he addressed the village as a whole, without any lead-in or hint of apology in his tone for being so goddamn casual.]

I'm lookin' for a friend of mine. He's got long hair and has a pet pig-- lemme know if you see him.


[It was training, Souji had been insisting for the last few weeks when he set an enraged, squealing Saizou upon him without any warning. Speed training for a little game between the two of them that they both had a stake in. And, finally-- after many days of running from the grumpy little pig-- the game was on.

Cliff had 24 hours to catch Souji. Truth be told, he had no idea what the little prankster was up to.

He'll be anywhere and everywhere around town that day, searching every corner and under every table for any hint of that teasing smile...all the while remaining on high alert for anything that would attempt to dive-bomb him.]
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If your friend is missing you don't sound very upset about it.
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Hide and seek? I haven't played that since I was in the Academy.

I guess I was okay then. I was usually the seeker though.

[Because people hid from her.]
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[There's a hum of thought.]

The last place you'd think to ever look.
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You'd think of it eventually after you've thought of everything else.
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But you said it was just hide and seek.
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Those are pretty strict rules.

How long do you have?
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Are other people allowed to help?
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I bet he didn't think of that.

[but Kushina did because she's a prankster too]
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You should know.
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If he didn't say anything, then there's no rule.

So I'll help you look.
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Don't worry about that.

[She's not doing this for something in return.]

Just worry about finding your friend in time.